Monday, August 04, 2014

If you can't take it...

I like the movie Ender's Game when I watched it last year, and even now as I encounter life situations and read the current news, I remember certain scenes and lines from the movie.

I did read the book after watching the movie, but the movie left a more significant and lasting imprint in my mind, maybe because I watched it several times.

Like this scene, which stuck with me from the first time I watched it.

The kids were in their classroom with a teacher and one of them, Bernard, being a bully, sent out a text about Alai who threw up in an earlier flight in space.

"Look out! It's the captain of the Vomit Comet."

Of which Ender responded with, "Bernard is living proof that chimps still fly into space."

Bernard spoke up, "Who sent this?"

When the teacher found out what happened, she smiled and said, "Oh, if you can't take it Bernard, don't dish it out."

Which I find very applicable in real life, especially when it comes to real and painful things like revenge--if you can't take it, don't dish it out.


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