Wednesday, August 06, 2014

One of my most fatigued weeks by far

I could not understand why I am so fatigued this week. I am usually bright and energised Monday to Wednesday, and only starting to slow down on Thursday and all tired out by Friday, waiting to be recharged over the weekend.

I googled "fatigued for no apparent reason" and checked out this page: 8 weird reasons why you are tired all the time. (I have checked other more serious sites, but the reasons are too serious -- I will go there if I feel I am a serious case.)

Of all the 8 reasons given, the most probable one is #1 You're Dehydrated. It is true I really don't drink enough liquid.

The other reasons are probable, except for #6 You’re not working out, since I am still working our every weekday morning, unless there is a public holiday and I have events at work -- which is practically the whole of last week.

So what I will do now is to stay hydrated tomorrow and see if I have a less fatigued than usual Thursday.

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