Friday, August 01, 2014

Salvation in Christ through the Holy Spirit

We were studying on the Holy Spirit in CG lately, in line with the Holy Spirit sermon series by Pastor Marvin, and I discovered something interesting this evening.

I have studied the book of Acts in TEE before, but I never saw this till now.

It was stated in our bible study materials that the phrase of being baptized in the Spirit was only mentioned in Acts in two places: 1:5 and 11:16.

Acts 1:5 is the precursor to the Pentecost in-filling of the Holy Spirit for the Jews and 11:16 the interpretation of the in-filling of the Holy Spirit for the Gentiles.

As such, I see that the significance of the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" as the salvation of Christ and for both the Jews and the Gentiles: not as an emphasis on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as much as it is to mark the salvation for all mankind in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Peter underlines this with his truth in his sermon in Acts 2, "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." (2:38, ESV)

That is, the whole theme of salvation is encapsulated in the unity of all these things: repentance, baptism, forgiveness of sins and receiving of the Holy Spirit, all in one salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord.


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    Question. Can dead Christians intercede for Christians who are living? Is it possible for deceased Popes, the Virgin Mary, and other dead saints to hear prayers and intercede for men who are alive?


    Prayer is offered to a person in two ways: one as though to be granted by himself, another as to be obtained through him. In the first way we prayto God alone, because all our prayers ought to be directed to obtaining grace and glory which God alone gives, according to those words of thePsalm (lxxxiii, 12): 'The Lord will give grace and glory.' But in the second way we pray to the holy angels and to men not that God may learn ourpetition through them, but that by their prayers and merits our prayers may be efficacious. Wherefore it is said in the Apocalypse (viii, 4): 'And the smoke of the incense of the prayers of the saints ascended up before God from the hand of the angel' (Summ. Theol., II-II, Q. lxxxiii, a. 4).

    There are no Scriptures that instruct men to pray to men, dead or alive. Where in Bible does it say pray to angels? There is no verse in the Bible that would indicate that dead Christians can hear our prayers. Even if they could hear our prayers there is no Scripture that states they could intercede between us and God. There is no Scripture that says dead men can be an advocate for us to God the Father.


    Romans 8:26 Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (NKJV)


    Romans 8:34 Who is he condemns? It is Christ who died, and futhermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercessions for us. (NKJV)

    Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit make intercessions for Christians.

    Can Christians who are alive pray for other living Christians, of course they can and should. Praying, for, is not the same as praying to someone.

    Christians should not pray "to" other Christians. That would be worship. Men are to worship Jehovah God alone.

    Praying to dead Popes, the Virgin Mary and other dead saints is worship. God is a jealous God.