Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What makes you loyal to a product?

You know how you hate it when you walk into a store and the sales personnel makes you feel like you don't deserve to use their products? That was how I felt I when I walked into a MAC store today when I had wanted to check out some compact powder.

I am very simple when it comes to cosmetics. To me, it is as long as it does what it is suppose to do and since I am not one who want to spend time touching up, it must last till the day is out.

I am running out of face powder and so I thought I'd try something I've not tried before.

First, I checked out Shu Uemera. The girls there were genuine and nice, even when I have not bought anything and was just looking.

Not so with the girl in MAC. I read people quite well and all I could sense from her is disdain. I am not going there again. Why when I am clearly not appreciated.

It's time I head back to the Shu Uemera girls.


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