Sunday, August 10, 2014

Coaching Session #2: What a set of talents!

In my effort to get accredited as a Gallup Strengths Coach, I need to coach six people and receive good evaluation from them. I have stepped up in my coaching appointments, as the initial few who agreed to want to be coached weren't so forthcoming in even setting a date to meet.

As such, I even managed to get three appointments set for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, which is absolutely wonderful.

I just completed one a couple of hours ago, and in the short time it was arranged, my client was only able to complete the assessment this morning, and she had not shared it with me until I reached her place.

But with one look at her top-5, I went, "Wow!"

As much as all the Gallup themes are neutral, there is no one theme better than the other, her combination of top-5 is pretty impressive.

They are:
1. Strategic
2. Futuristic
3. Analytical
4. Relator
5. Achiever

I must say four of those are what every corporate professional desires to have. And these talents serve my client well, being the wife of a business professional. She assists him in the business and spends her time also managing her kids' and their education.

She has big realistic dreams, she knows exactly which is the best to strive for, she knows how she can get there, she makes sure she achieves it in phases, and it is all for the success of herself and her family.

Our first coaching session lasted one and half hours today, and I am certainly looking forward to our second session next month.


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