Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Education Plan

I attended a seminar in church today on "What to do after Form 5/O Levels?", which was very much an eye-opener for me.

Back in my school days 20 over years ago, there wasn't much of a plan. My parents didn't do any research. It basically just boiled down to whatever appears as the the next step, just take it.

As such, I did not realize there is much to do with regards to my son's education plan. But now I know and there is much for me to do - to perform some research, to talk and help my son discover what his interests are and what options he has for a career.

There is much to do and I'm glad I know that now and I'm glad I'm given a good head start with what was shared during the seminar and I'm glad it is not too late, but it is time to start.


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