Friday, September 12, 2014

Led by the Spirit

We complete one bible study chapter in one sitting in CG today, which is something that has not happened before! So everyone was quite amused and glad. We are moving quite slowly but steadily in our bible study, and so it was a good experience to complete one lesson in one sitting.

The take home from the lesson for me was this: the phrase "led by God" and "led by the Spirit", whilst it usually means God leading me to make a decision has a more holistic meaning in Scripture.

Being "led by the Spirit" means living a Christian life. It means putting to death the desires of the flesh, living in Christ, being sons of God, being heirs and co-heirs with Christ and suffering with Christ in order to be glorified with him. (Rom 8:13-17)

That is what it means to be led by the Spirit, not so much being led to say something, or take this job, or marry this person. I'm not saying it is not, it's just that these are a smaller part of a whole.

Let us be led by the Spirit everyday of our lives.

Oh yes, one more thing. As it always happen, I have friends who asked me why they have landed themselves in problems and bad situations when they felt they had been led by God into it in the first place. Well, it will be interesting to note that the phrase "led by God" and "led by the Spirit" almost always refers to both the leading of Israelites out of Egypt into the wilderness and leading of Jesus into the wilderness. So don't be surprised if you have been led into the wilderness too.


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