Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My dependence on my iPhone

Right now, amongst all the things that I own, my iPhone is one of the most important. In a list my husband sent me last week about life these days, it scares me that this actually rings quite true for me: leaving the house without your mobile phone, which you didn't even have the first 20 or 30 years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

I used a management diary to manage my work and appointments until around year 2000 when I got my Palm V. I do have a Filofax now, which I am still using as a journal. I still do like the act of writing though it's quite dangerous not being able to keep it under lock and key, but the switch from the "manual" Filofax to the digital kind has practically changed how we manage our lives.

TEDBlog posted this recently - 25+ apps to make your everyday life easier.

Here are my most-used apps. What are yours? (The default ones like phone, message, mail , alarm, calendar not included)

Week Agenda - I see my whole week's events in one screen
Momento - my digital journal
Marvin - my faithful ebook reader, it's the best!
ABBYY BCR - a business card reader, my digital calling card box
Merriam-Webster Dictionary - I've replaced Dictionary.com with this, it's more complete
Pocket - my digital folder of all online articles that catch my attention, all in all my personal magazine
BlogPress - I don't use my PC any longer when at home and so this is how I do my daily blogging
ESV Study + - the digital ESV Study Bible, comes with audio
Goodreads - my book list and database
Appsgonefree - I check this everyday for free apps and many times I got really good ones, some of them in this very list
uPackingList - I use this everyday as I pack for morning gym, I can be very disorganized
Highs & Lows - keeps me mindful of my day
Waze - I use this everyday to ensure I don't get stuck in traffic unnecessarily
Askt - gets me to think about something important everyday
Logos Bible - where all my digital references and commentaries are (some IVP editions, the full series of WBC, TOTC and TNTC)
1Password - the best password manager around, with iOS 8, I can now use the fingerprint security function in Safari
Spotify - free music, what more can I say
VoiceReader - reads my PDF files, especially when I'm in the gym.
Speaky (not shown) - reads what's in my Pocket, especially when I'm driving
Wikipanion - the best Wikipedia reader
Chime - chimes on the hour every hour to remind me of the time, since I am so disorganized
Dropbox - how could a smartphone exist without this
LinkedIn - helps me keeps in touch professionally
AppShopper - gives me apps deals everyday and it notifies me whenever any apps in my wishlist becomes free
OneDrive - DropBox is more connected with the other apps but OneDrive has the largest cloud space for me

I'm an app junkie. I try very hard to only keep apps that I actually use - not!



  1. Cool!! I shall try some of these.. My most used apps are the likes of Wharsapps, Facebook, Waze, Google Translate (for Italian), Instagram and some games!! :p

  2. :) hope you will find some good ones that stay.