Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ten Books that Affected Me in Some Way

I received a Facebook tag from Ee-Tan today to list out 10 books that affected me in some way.

Well, Ee-Tan, you got me at "books". So this post is in dedication to you, Ee-Tan.

I listed these 10 books that have been influential to me. Well, not all of them have been directly influential to me but most have at least affected me in some ways.

The Holy Bible and featured here is The ESV Study Bible
It goes without saying that The Holy Bible tops the list. Read it since I was a kid and reading it now and will read it till my deathbed. It is the living word of God that feeds and nourishes me, corrects me and directs me in the right path. With it I speak and pray to God and with it I embrace the Gospel of Christ for life everlasting.

The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence of Jesus by Lee Strobel
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As mentioned in my review, this is the book that is the catalyst of my faith-seeking-understanding pursuit to seek Christ and seek life. I owe a lot to this book that started me thinking seriously about my faith.

People of the Book, A Novel by Geraldine Brooks
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This tops my list in the novel category. Firstly, it is a book about books. And secondly, it has amazing characters and an astounding storyline about lives in different times tied to this one book that exist through its fictional history (it's based on the Sarajevo Haggadah, a real book by the way).

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
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He is my all-time favourite author and this is just to include one of his book to cover all his other books that held me amazed at both the glory and marvel of God and his astute brilliance as an author for the decade long period of my faith-seeking-understanding time.

Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones
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Ken Follett was the one who started me on historical fiction but it was this book that really hones it on. (I just realised there is a pun here since both books by Follett and Falcones are about sculpturing and building of cathedrals, and so pun unintentionally intended!)

Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength by Laurie A. Helgoe
I still remember quite clearly the time when I was reading this book and how I have personalized some advice I got from there. The one thing that I have ingrained deeper in me is the practice of journalling.

Genesis: Beginning and Blessing by R. Kent Hughes
This is an amazing book. It brought to me an in-depth study of the book of Genesis like never before. I suppose Genesis has been for me since my childhood days a book of stories and important stories they are. Hughes has however, brought me much need thought and lessons, both theologically and practically. I remember reading the last several chapters on Joseph and Tamar and Joseph in one go, and with tears rimming my eyes.

Redeeming Love, A Novel by Francine Peters
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I must say I should have listed Francine Peters's Unveiled: Tamar instead of Redeeming Love but I'd say both have a special place in my heart. She brought life into the stories of these people, Hosea and Gomer, and Tamar. Her version of Tamar and Hosea-Gomer has really opened my eyes with regards to the salvation and redeeming love of Christ.

Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace by Kenman L. Wong
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I have always been wondering about what it means to work and I always felt like a round peg with a square hole when it comes to my career. Through the years God has opened my eyes through what he has brought me through in my working life and he has resolved it when I read this book. I am now at peace.

Bethlehem to Patmos: The New Testament Story by Paul Barnett
This is one of the earlier books I read as a result of reading Case for Christ that was memorable. It covers an overview, forest-view, bird's eye view of the New Testament from Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus to Patmos, the Revelation visions of John. For the beginning of my journey to know more about Christ, this has given me a good start.

Going through and thinking about these books again has built in me a desire to reread them, and read them again I shall, especially those I have read a long time ago.



  1. Thanks Karen. Can I tag you to blog on this? What would be your list of 10? :)

  2. Enjoyed the list Pearlie ... especially "will read it till my deathbed". Ditto me on that!

  3. And I absolutely love seeing Karen commenting here. Brings back such sweet memories. You and Karen were the first bloggers that read.

  4. I just managed to read your post now.. you're definitely one of the most well-read people I know.. and I can bet this list is just the tip of the ice-berg! Thanks for sharing :) (now i'm almost inspired to pick up a book again.. )

  5. Thanks KB. And I do miss the good old times when we were more active in our blogging community. I've indeed slowed down.

  6. ET, almost? Haha...come on, you can do better than that ;)