Friday, September 19, 2014

Word Lens

Something really funny and interesting happened in CG today. Someone brought a box of cherry jaffa cakes which they bought during their trip to Austria to share with us.

One of us took out his Android phone, took a picture of the ingredient list in German, highlighted the words by swiping the lines with his finger for the translation to English to appear in a text window. He then jokingly said, "iPhones can't beat this!"

And I obviously took the challenge and said, "Of course we can!" (Notice I used "we", as if me and my iPhone are one...err, sorry hubby dear...but you know what I mean.)

I know I have my Word Lens app stashed away somewhere in my iPhone and there it was in my Travel folder.

It uses the phone's camera and translate the words in real time. They were all so mesmerised but the few who just came back from Austria so wished I have told them earlier before they went because they were practically typing every word into their iPhone to be translated!

Anyway we soon discovered the app is available in Android as well.


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