Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evangelical women writers

I was introduced to a book written by a lady minister and I was very impressed with her scholarly writing and knowledge.

This got me to think of how very few good women writers there are in the evangelical circle. The few that I have read and was impressed with are only these three:

1. Elizabeth Achtemeier
2. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop
3. Nancy Pearcey

I also wondered of all the books I have read, whatever genre they may be, how many of them are by women writers.

It is a good thing I have all my books listed out in and I did a calculation and came up with just 27%. The remaining 73% are all by men authors. However, this is only counting from when I started to list and keep track of my books, which is roughly from year 2000.

But most of the books I've read that are by women writers are either in the genre of fiction or Christian living. I've only read Pearcey, referenced Achtemeier and currently reading Wynkoop.

And I must say I that the late Dr Mildred Bangs Wynkoop was an excellent writer. I have just started on her book, The Foundations of Wesleyan-Arminian Theology but what I have read so far is just brilliant!

And talking about women, I was just asked a question in one of my blog post recently on my stand on women in ministry, if I hold on to an egalitarian or complementary stand.

In my reply, I took the complementary one, but in truth, I haven't made much study into it to be 100% sure of my stand. And so I am going hold it for now and not make a decision until I am fully sure of what I am.

I thought I should hold on to the order of creation, but as I now think about it, I'm not so sure anymore.

I shall have to shelve the matter for now and address it later when time and energy permit.


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