Saturday, October 11, 2014

PBC's Inaugural Saturday Service

Pantai Baptist Church had its first Saturday service today at 5pm.

I was serving in the worship team and it was a wonderful time of worship. The sanctuary was almost full. Some people may have just came to support the inaugural Saturday service but I certainly hope there will be almost as full in the following weeks.

I used to be quite conservative and felt that church services should always be held on a Sunday. I felt that we should not treat church as a convenience but to offer every Sunday in specific service to God.

But I have since changed my mind. I still say that it should not be a convenience, because the fact that we come together as a church to worship God is a command, and we who love him obey him willingly. But now I see that there are some of us who may not be able to attend service at all due to them having to work on Sundays and there are those who are always busy attending to their ministry in church on Sundays.

Either that or I am just becoming more flexible.


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