Monday, October 06, 2014

Oh! To be safely home

Safely Home
by Ron DiCianni

I cannot yet describe what and how I feel after reading Randy Alcorn's Safely Home. But this I know, I have not done much for the Lord. In the Chinese context, what I've done and what I am is not even a dot compared to what He has done for me, which is immensely huge as is his love and grace for all of us.

Worse than that, I am sinful and unworthy of Him.

This book has caused me to evaluate myself in a different way than ever before, and this one sentence from the book surmise it for now: "His “Christian life” had been like every other part of his life. It had always been about Ben Fielding," in that "it had always been about Pearlie Ng." And for that, Lord Jesus, I ask for your forgiveness.

If you have not read this book before, I encourage you to read it. It may just open your eyes a bit more, if not a lot more, to what and how we see life from where we are, and what awaits us when we are truly home, for those who will be home to meet the Lion and King Jesus face to face, when we finally leave the Shadowlands.

To God be the glory, He reigns forever and ever, and every knee shall now and every tongue confess that He is Lord.


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