Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Crabs, Ever

Grace Notes will be singing in Wesley Methodist Church Seremban next week and we took a trip there today to do a sound check.

We did not stay long as the sound man did take quite a long time setting up the mics, and by the time we figured out where to stand as a group, and how we sound, we had to leave as the next service in that church was about to start.

The church apparently has at least five if not six services every Sunday and I must say it is the most utilized church I've been to.

With us having to travel so far for just 15 minutes of practice, it is good that we decided to have dinner in Seremban. We headed to Seremban Seafood Village, the originator of the delicious Baked Crabs.

And it was the best crabs I have ever eaten, ever. And I will be back!

Photo source: Travel Findbulous and OhFishiee

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