Thursday, November 20, 2014

I got thrown into the water

The funniest thing happened today, and it happened without my knowledge. My hubby practically threw me unconsciously into the water. Unconscious because I didn't even know it and I wasn't there to defend myself.

He was at a lunch with whom he called a very staunch Calvinist, who in my opinion does not know enough about Arminianism to refute it.

My husband unknowingly tread waters he should not and got himself caught in a debate where they will be no end to it, especially if both parties do not fully know the subject on hand and when there is a lack of respect for each other's position.

I seldom want to get into a Calvinism-Arminianism debate unless it is a round table discussion, where all parties have spent enough time researching and knowing all positions, including their own. I truly respect my fellow Calvinists for I know they are intelligent people and I would also expect the same from them as I do regard myself as an Arminian who is just as smart as them.

"Staunch" Calvinists need to understand that Arminians have a reason to stand by Arminianism as much as they have a reason to stand by theirs. Find out why and exactly what we each believe in.

But I must say that most of the Calvinists I encounter do not understand what Arminianism is in its classical sense. What they say about Arminianism is actually Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism which it is definitely not. Arminianism is not well represented by most Calvinist writers. If you want to know about Arminianism, read Roger E. Olson and Thomas Oden.

Roger Olson says it well here: "We all (Calvinists and Arminians and everyone else) need to bend over backwards to be fair in our treatments of fellow evangelicals’ theologies. There’s nothing wrong with disagreement so long as it is informed and fair."

Anyway, when I found out what my husband did, I kept chiding him for throwing his wife into the water but he said all wives will float!



  1. Enjoyed reading this Pearlie. Do you think that Calvinists and Armenians differ on the view of God's sovereignty?

  2. Thanks KB :) I enjoyed telling the story and whacking my hubby for throwing me in!
    And I think one of the most fundamental differences between the both is the definition of God's sovereignty. It's so different that my friend once said it's two ships that never cross each other in their voyage at sea, and as such we are arguing over nothing. I have seen that even back then when I was less informed and more so now, that I do see where Calvinists come from. I suppose as much as I cannot accept to me (not you probably) the logical conclusion of Calvinism in making God the author of sin, I get it that you cannot accept what you (not me) see as humanism in Arminianism. It is here where we exist in healthy tension and respectful discussion.

  3. Seems like Calvinists take God's sovereignty too far as they do not acknowledge that God endowed humanity with limited sovereignty. Instead they seem to paint humans as puppets and God as the Divine Puppeteer.

  4. Arminians take God's sovereignty like a king on a throne in control and is in charge over all things but chose not to control every event. He withdraws himself according to his will and sovereignty and let human, his own creation, to have free will which is only made possible by his grace, making the cross and the receiving of Jesus in his work on the cross the only way to salvation.
    The same way Jesus though he is God, made himself nothing. He in his sovereignty and wisdom withdraws according to his will.

  5. Thanks Pearlie. Love the imagery of a King on his throne.