Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just a thought

As much as it should not be out of convenience that we attend Sunday worship in church but with the recent change of worship time in Pantai Baptist Church (PBC), it has been tough for us.

PBC used to have two English services on Sundays: 08:45, which we used to attend and 11:00, which we deemed too late for us. It has recently been changed to one service on Saturday at 17:00 and one on Sunday at 11:00, and we have no choice but to settle for the Sunday 11:00 service.

We used to get ready in the first instance we get up from bed, first for breakfast and then immediately to church. Now, I do feel rather slow and lazy having several hours to kill before starting off to church. Church is no longer the first thing we do every Sunday, not counting breakfast, and I'm not comfortable with that.

I am a person who adapts to changes quite well but this is one change I find hard to get used to.

I don't like to do this but I'm actually thinking about visiting other churches...just a thought, just a thought...



  1. Come to my church then, a small church - Faith EFC situated in OUG. 9.30am service. Just nice;)

  2. We changed when they added services. First to the 9am Sunday and now we do the 5pm on either Saturday or Sunday. We also sometimes do the live streaming service at home on our big screen TV. I am loving sleeping in these days. :)

  3. Hmm...but that is not doing church. Though in reality, what's happening for us now in church, there isn't any fellowship with other worshippers anyway.

  4. We "do church" on Wednesday nights with about 10 of our friends in our loft. Perhaps our weekly gatherings looks a lot more like biblical church than Sunday morning experiences where folks are sung to and preached at?

  5. Ah, in that case, we "do church" every Friday night and call it a cell group meeting. I suppose this is how house churches started in the early church of the apostles?

  6. "Folks are sung to and preached at"
    Hmmm...I have not gone to such churches before. But I have heard of them, and I'm sure there are such churches here in Malaysia. When my husband was in Orlando some months ago, he went to Joel Osteen's church and felt like a tourist visiting a tourist destination :)

  7. Guess my point was to make the observation about how little interaction people have with each other at church. The either follow along with a song leader or sit and listen to someone talk.

  8. Hi Bob,
    Yea, I get what you mean -- same for me too. I know so few people in church :)