Thursday, December 18, 2014

A really, really close call

I nearly ran over a person with my car today, and I'm pretty shaken up about it. I am indeed thankful to God that it did not happen and that I did have the time to swerve my car to avoid him and that I did not get hit by any vehicles as a result of my emergency maneuver.

What happened was this: I was on my way back from work. At one point in the highway, the car in front of me suddenly swerved to the right and what was immediately in front of me was a man rolling on the road with his motorcycle. I slammed my brakes and swerved to my left to avoid him, failing which I would have ran him over and it could cost him his life. I had no time to see if there were any vehicle on my left. Thankfully, there weren't or I'll be in big trouble myself.

I stopped for a moment by the roadside and the car which was in front also stopped. With that, I did not get down, and I do hope that the guy who fell off his motorcycle was alright.

I'm thankful for the personal safety seminar which I have attended several months ago that taught me some safe driving tips. I'm now used to keeping a good distance between cars, both when I'm stationary and when in motion. If I had not kept a good distance, I can't imagine what would happen to the guy and I'd definitely be in really big problem right now.

I thank God.


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