Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book Review: Devotional Warm-ups for the Church Choir

Grace Notes began our weekly practice this year last week on 7th January and it was decided that I take up all the devotional slots this round. We usually start with a short devotion to keep ourselves, the group and our ministry secured in the Word of God.

So far we have used materials ranging from Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest to sharing from any passage of choice from Scripture to sharing on any songs the group has done over the years and what it meant to us.

I was a bit lost as to what else to use when I found this book:

Devotional Warm-ups for the Church Choir: Preparing to Lead Others in Worship
by Kenneth W. Osbeck

It was an excellent find. The book starts with a section on "The Marvel of the Human Voice". Every chapter comes complete with a Scripture passage/verse, devotional reading, group discussion questions and concluding thought.

I especially like the group discussion questions. They are quite deep and they make us think. In the past two readings, there were at least a two-minute silence both times after I read out the questions. I let the pregnant silence be as the group think and mull over them. After some thoughts, we did have good discussions and the choir director will close with her thoughts before we move on to vocalisation and singing.

I certainly look forward to it now and learn from Scripture and each other on our ministry as a Christian choral group.


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