Friday, January 30, 2015

Pray and help support foreign workers

Our CG was pleased to have Franklin and Sapana from the Nepalese Migrant Unity Network (NeMUN) to join us for fellowship. They shared with us the ministry they are in to support Nepalese individuals who migrate to other countries for work and the families whom they left behind.

The popular countries for them to go to are Malaysia, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Nepal is a landlocked country with limited resources and work opportunities.

Life for them is hard, both for the migrants and their families. What disturbed me most is that everyday, at least five of them returned to Nepal dead. Five. Everyday.

Most of them die in their sleep. They have no idea why. I just did a quick check through Google, and found several causes of such deaths:
1. Sleep Apnea: Breathing Stops During Sleep
2. SADS: Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome
3. Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome: Bangungot
4. Blood Clotting1

But one thing they know, they work long hours and they work hard. Add stress to work and family pressures to long hard hours to loneliness in a foreign land will certainly bring us to a lethal concoction of high risk living.

I feel so sad for them.

The next time you meet any foreign workers in your midst, give them a good word, give them some of your time to get to know them. Allow them to share with you their lives and help them build connections with people who really care. Say a prayer for them. Support organisations like NeMUN.

For more information on NeMUN, check them out here.

1 Source: Health Booklet

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