Monday, January 19, 2015

The Providence of God

I am reading another book on prayer where I am trying out what the author calls a prayer-launcher, i.e. a way to launch us into frequent praying. (I will do a book review when I finish the book, it is good.)

One of the prayer-launcher suggested was to praise God on his attributes. He suggested we pray on three attributes a day, but for a start, I thought I'll try praying an attribute a week. Praying, meditating and praising God for who he is.

One attribute that stood out for me is the providence of God. I'm ever thankful to him who has provided for me in my times of need and times of good. He is faithful and loving, knowing exactly what I need and how much of what I need is good for me. He holds the whole world in his hands, he has everything in his hands.

However, what's interesting was that I've inadvertently stumbled into another much debated topic of theology. I didn't realise that the Providence of God is usually discussed with the Sovereignty of God, and as one is tied to another, it stumbled along to another theological topic: Molinism. I thought I've had enough of theology with the Calvinism-Arminianism debate and now there another one.

I shan't delve much into it but to meditate in the providence of God. I found a link to this very useful journal article (warning: it's a long article, I've not finished reading it yet) in the Society of Evangelical Arminians site:

Robert E. Picirilli, “Toward a Non-Deterministic Theology of Divine Providence,” Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry (Spring 2014) Volume 11.1, 38-61.


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  1. Good thoughts Pearlie. I find that I resonate more with Providence than Sovereignty.