Thursday, February 12, 2015

Author Shopping

I mentioned about my tendency to go author shopping sometimes. It happens when I like an author and I would buy several of their books all at one go.

Which authors have I done such book shopping on? These are based on my ebooks purchases. Print books not included.

N.T. Wright - I just bought his Simply Christian, right after I finished reading Simply Jesus. Ok, this does not count since I only bought one, but I have bought his other books all at one go before.

Anchee Min - Chinese historical fiction.

Kent Hughes - Preaching the Word Series, I think I've purchased all of his OT commentaries. I stop short at completing my NT set because I calculated that at the rate of my reading, I will not have enough time in my lifetime to finish reading them all.

Dallas Willard - books on Christian living and spirituality.

Francine Rivers - biblical historical fiction.

Randy Alcorn - eschatological fiction.

I don't remember for sure which authors I did mass shopping on their print books but these two without a doubt: DA Carson and CS Lewis.


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