Friday, February 06, 2015

Be Great-Souled

I recently wrote a post on Paul exhorting the Philippians to Be Magnanimous to Everyone. And thanks Kansas Bob, for highlighting the word as well, accentuating my attention to it.

Be magnanimous to everyone. Yes, to everyone. No exceptions.

It is good that I have blogged it because I needed it today. When I saw the word again, I knew I found the answer to my problem.

I have been having some problems with some people. I seem to be having "people" problems these two years and all I can say is God must be teaching me greatly needed lessons. Anyway, I know that they are really small matters but I could not get it out of my system.

Until now. I hope.

Being magnanimous is being generous in forgiving an insult or injury. It is being free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness. More interestingly, the word originated from the 16th century, from the Latin magnanimus that means great-souled (equivalent to magn(us) magn- + anim(us) spirit, soul, mind + -us -ous).1

Being great-souled. That is what I need to be. To have such a big heart and soul that whatever that is done against me does not matter, no longer matter because my soul and heart is so big, there is space for more.

And on top of that, it is in obedience to the second greatest commandment: love your neighbour as yourself.

Be great-souled, everyone, to everyone.



  1. From one side of the world to the other, let's both work on being magnanimous! Love that word and the way you explained it, Pearlie. Thanks!

  2. Yes, amen to that! Let's both work on it.

  3. That Kansas Bob sounds like a great guy!


    KC Bob

  4. Oh yes he is! A magnanimous fella ;)