Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Simply Christian, Why Christianity Makes Sense

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense
by N.T. Wright

I bought this book immediately after I read Simply Jesus, and I like it a lot. It begins by introducing us to the four echoes of a voice we hear often in our everyday living: (1) the longing for justice, (2) the quest for spirituality, (3) the hunger for relationships, and (4) the delight in beauty.

He then brings us to stare at the sun, at God - who he is, his chosen people Israel, Jesus, life in him and the Holy Spirit.

He then concludes with the thitd section in actively living out the faith in worship, prayer, reading Scripture, in the church community and living life as a new creation.

It brings me back to the foundation of who I am as a Christian through a fresh new perspective. What Wright has done here is no common fare. What he wrote about being a Christian is quite unlike the usual things that you would expect or even, what you have been doing or living as a Christian. He draws into the depth and challenges me on the understanding of who God is, the fact that I'm literally staring at the sun when I want to see and know him. He challenges me in my practice and life as a Christian. He taught me to recognize the echoes of that one voice, who is Jesus Christ in all I encounter everyday.

This is a must-read book and I will definitely read it again soon. NT Wright is said to be the CS Lewis of our time and I couldn't agree more. They are both now my most favourite and admired authors.

I have just bought another one of his book a moment ago. This is a serious author-shopping spree I'm having.


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