Monday, February 16, 2015

Bad week resolved

I have mentioned time and again that there are usually no coincidences in life. Is there?

For example, it happened again yesterday during worship service when we were led to sing "Blessed Assurance". It was sung again, not deliberately planned, during the Sunday School sharing session. I'm thinking God must be double confirming this assurance with someone in the congregation that morning.

Anyway, I had quite a bad week last and my mind was so preoccupied with worry over the weekend wondering how to deal with the issue. It then dawned on me that I should just speak to the person face to face.

I made an appointment to see him but hours before the scheduled time, he had asked to meet. I wasn't ready but went ahead with it. The discussion turned out extremely good and I was finally at peace.

But he requested that I come see him again at the appointed time to continue the conversation. I did, but the meeting was very short. He had a lot of things in his mind.

With that, I'm so grateful for the earlier meeting that enabled me to settle the matter at hand. If it were at the later appointment, I would have failed.

I thank God for his providence!


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