Sunday, February 08, 2015

My ABCs of URLs

You know when you use your web browser, you'd get an auto-fill of your most visited sites when you start start typing in the URL addresses. I thought it may be fun to list out every URL address I get for all 26 letters of the alphabet from Safari in my iPhone.

No cheating and here goes: - I seldom buy from Amazon but refer a lot to it when I need to check out titles - too many bad news lately - monthly free books from Logos - I don't play Draw Something for the longest time now but still use this when I'm stuck with 4 Pics 1 Words - version of "Britannica" now - sigh... - my most favourite site - weird to get this result, maybe just once for a research I was doing - a recent site I've checked to pray for the persecuted - the only friend's blog in this list, which is nice because she is my first blogger friend - I check the titles and reviews in Amazon and I buy them here, only when they're available for sale though, not all titles are - again, I only checked this out once, I was contemplating buying a pair, but have not - local bank site - a very recent visit, check out my recent post about them here - access to my stuff - of course
q - no result - another local bank site - shows I buy loads from here - for local news - I haven't mentioned before but I've started worship leading in this church and have been searching for worship songs - I have no idea what this is - shows this is the most visited from my iPhone, obvious since I blog everyday
x - no result - for my emails, only because I don't have a Yahoo mail app in my iPhone - ah, my favourite Chinese language site

What would yours be?



  1. LOL, I'll take over any day!!

  2. Haha! Very cool Pearlie! I guess I haven't blogged much lately because winter is a harder time for me to take pix and I have no kids home. But I'll snap out of it eventually :) thanks for asking!!!

  3. KB, I did think of for the list!
    Anyway, I did mention you several posts ago :) here.

  4. Julia, "but I'll snap out of it eventually". Love your (intended/unintended?) pun! And really good to hear from you again.

  5. Yes, it was unintended but must be quite subconscious :)