Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects
by Gillian Flynn

Following the awesome movie I watched yesterday, I got a copy of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects to read.

I was hopeful for a good read because the book did win several awards and it was said to be adapted into a serialized TV drama soon.

But so far, I'm just okay with it. I'm a quarter way through and it has not wowed me, yet.

And if you don't see a review of the book here soon, then it's probably better for you to give it a miss. But no matter how this book will fare for me, I would still get a copy of Gone Girl.



  1. 'Sharp Objects,' as a novel, is the opposite of comfortable. As a mystery, it's the opposite of cozy. As a story, it's the opposite of dull. But perhaps the most unexpected thing in the whole book is that underneath the violence and the sadness and the loneliness of this story beats real heart - complex and damaged perhaps, but beating true nonetheless, and with the strength only the best stories can convey.

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  2. Hi Micaella, that an excellent way to describe the book. It wasn't as I would have expected it to be. And she definitely succeed in making me uncomfortable as I read it.
    Btw, I've visited your site. It's awesome. It's a world away for me though :)