Monday, March 02, 2015

Book on Daniel and the Kingdom of God

My CG is currently studying the book of Daniel and it will be my turn this Friday to lead the study. And I usually get the tough topics and chapters. The chapter I'm tackling this Friday is on Daniel 2, the portion on Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream. Sigh...prophecy...tough one.

I quickly picked up the book I have on Daniel in the Preaching the Word series edited by Kent Hughes.

Daniel: The Triumph of God's Kingdom
by Rodney Stortz

I have loved all the Preaching the Word volumes I have read so far (except for maybe Exodus which I can't seem to sustain in my reading) and I liked how this Daniel edition began.

But I find that (1) there are too many anecdotes than I would prefer in a commentary, albeit a preaching one and (2) whilst references to the other portions of Scripture is preferred, there are too many here, as if the book of Daniel is not capable of standing on its own.

Well, I know I have just read till Chapter 3. I will surely give an update if it is otherwise when I finish reading it.

But what I find interesting though is my recent "coincidental" topic of the Kingdom of God which I find I keep getting myself into without much of a plan to. And I'm learning a lot from what I read so far. I'm amazed at what I have been missing.

I will soon blog more about it when I get it more crystallized though.


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