Thursday, March 19, 2015

iPad Air 2?

The first iPad I bought was an impulse purchase. I didn't plan to buy one but I was at the mall and passed by an Apple store with people lining up for the then newly launched iPad 2. I thought why not, joined the line and end up with a purchase. I know, it's crazy, what I did. But I loved it.

And when Apple launched the New iPad (or iPad 3) with a retina screen, I upgraded my unit. That was in 2012, and I have been using it until now.

I have been having the urge to upgrade my iPad ever since the launch of the iPad Air, but I keep convincing myself I do not need it. My iPad 3 is still doing its job. But ever since I upgraded it to iOS 8, it has been lagging in its performance. And so, should I now upgrade my unit to the iPad Air 2?

It's a fact that I do not really use the iPad much. I am literally stuck to my iPhone but I can leave my iPad at home unless I need it for church, bible study in CG and Grace Notes practice, where it is handy as a score reader (I have scanned all our music scores and have no need to lug them around every week).

But the lagging performance is getting to me, and the temptation to get the cool and slick iPad Air 2 is getting bigger.

Should I?


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