Thursday, April 09, 2015

Free Fall Dream!

It's weird that I keep having vivid dreams lately, and since I've been sharing them here, I might as well add this one I just had.

My hubby told me this morning as we were waking up from our slumber that I had screamed in my sleep, which woke him up.

I actually screamed? I told him that I jumped off a plane in my dream!

It was very vivid and in full colour. I was in an airplane (again). It was flying over the sea. The door was opened and someone was edging me towards it and told me to jump as part of a test I'm taking. I was scared and held back but the person coaxed and nudged me, and I jumped--no parachutes or boards. Just me.

This must be when I screamed. I tightened my body, legs together and arms tight at my side, straight down, waiting to hit the water. I can feel the air rushing up as I fell. But I never touched the water.

Instead, I found myself floating in a carnival and stopped at a booth where two clown-like contraptions were offering some kind of sweet buns and I took one to try.

Then I woke up.

I immediately bought the dream book I posted couple of days ago. I'm eager to get into the why in all these dreams I'm having. It will be interesting to find out. I'm not into the secrets and the meaning and the subconscious mind--I don't believe dreams are secret messages. I'm into learning about the science of it all--the why's and the how's.


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  1. So fascinating Pearlie. Thanks for sharing another dream.