Wednesday, April 15, 2015

God has given us the signs of the days to come

Daniel: The Triumph of God's Kingdom
by Rodney Stortz

I started this book on 1 March and commented that I wasn't too happy with it. But now that I have completed the book, I gave it four stars out of five in

I have not been much into the prophetic portions in the Bible, finding it hard to understand with my limited exposure to that genre. But this book has opened the door for me.

Stortz has convinced me that I need to spend time studying it closely. He contends that God has revealed the future to us, albeit not in clear statements. But he has spoken about it and it is our duty to read and study it so that when the signs are before us, we will be aware that the end is near and the beginning is here.

I must say I didn't understand much of the second portion of Stortz's book, which means I will be spending more time with it.



  1. Eschatology is such a difficult topic Pearlie. Seems like everyone has a chart. In the 70s/80s everyone was saying that Jesus would be coming back at the turn of the century. Some think Jesus was prophesying the destruction of Jerusalem (~70AD) and some think that it refers to still futures events. So much speculation and varying interpretations.

  2. Yea, but Stortz seemed quite compelling as he interpreted the verses. There are sections in Daniel which he thought refers to the Anti-Christ and made references to Revelation as well. I would need more time to go through those sections again.

  3. I lean a bit to seeing most, but not all, of those verses being fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. But I do understand that others see a future fulfillment of most of it.