Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The secret of dreams

I just had a really interesting and vivid dream: one of the rare few that I really remember (other than the one that I dreamt I died that I blogged a few days ago).

In my dream, I was in a posh but abandoned mansion. There were two other persons with me, and one of them brought with him his personal chef, and we had a really scrumptious meal. I then got out of the mansion and roamed around and found a white cave made of white rock salt that was used as a garage. Next, I left the house and got onto a horse to take me to another place but soon found that the horse was wooden. I got down and started walking and found myself in a picturesque town in India.

What is it about dreams? Some message from God? Inner hidden or secret desires? A peep into our subconscious mind?

This gave me a good topic to look for a popular-science book to check out and I found this:

The Mind at Night, the New Science of How and Why We Dream
by Andrea Rock

It really looks interesting and promising and I've just downloaded a preview copy from kobobooks.com. If the preface and the first few pages of its first chapter turned out to be a good read, I will buy a copy and jump in immediately. And of course there will be a book review if it is good.



  1. I have had similar thoughts lately Pearlie. It is like I am a different person when I dream. Hope you write more about what you find out.

  2. I am very slow in reading this book. The funny thing is when I read it, I start to get tired and I fall asleep. LOL
    The first couple of chapters are interesting in that it talks about the history of dream science but it does get a bit too technical sometimes. I will definitely blog it when I finish it.

    You feel that you are a different person? I never thought of that. I think I feel I'm the same in my dreams.

  3. Sometimes I seem younger in my dreams.