Sunday, May 17, 2015

Divinely Interconnected?

It was an interesting Sunday of interconnectedness. Grace Notes was lined up to present a few songs in Living Faith Methodist Church in Ipoh, in their inauguration as a full-fledged church. We traveled up north for about two and a half hours and when we arrived, we found that one of our very old friend and his family from my good old Pudu Methodist Church days are worshipping there now. He was an assistant pastor of the church back then. On top of that, their kids are now studying in an international school in Kampar whose principal used to attend my current CG in Pantai Baptist Church. And when the preacher preached in the celebration service today, he preached from Nehemiah, which was one of the most significant session of bible study I had back then led by this same friend of mine. Too many coincidences for comfort. I shall call it divinely interconnected.


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