Friday, June 19, 2015

Logos Free Book of the Month

I have been using Logos products for many years now, since back then when I was studying theology in the seminary. I have those books and more in digital form in my devices now, which is sweet. And recently in the past year or so, Logos has begun to give out a free book a month, and in the last few months, the free books are coupled with another at only USD 0.99. I have been diligently downloading them and getting the 99 cents deal every month.

I received a very interesting email today form Logos about their Free Book of the Month. It is an appeal for us to help them spread the offer, which is what I am doing now. The books from are the good scholarly kind, and if you are interested in lighter editions, check out Vyrso which is also under Logos. They offer up to three free books a month! (But if you click the above Vyrso link, there should be a whole long list of free books.)

I now understand why Logos is offering free books.

Here was what they emailed me, "Our primary goal is to equip the church and one of the ways we do that is by giving away a free book each month. When I’m picking out our free books, I envision a pastor using them to prepare a sermon; a small-group leader using one of our commentaries to help teach his or her small group; or an everyday Christian reading for personal devotions. This is what inspires me to do what I do. And I think you can help me get more free books into people’s hands."

That is brilliant, as not everyone can afford and have access to these books.


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