Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Power surge!

I came back home today and noticed that the row of houses where our home is were all in a blackout. My neighbours were out in the streets telling us there was a power surge and advised us not to switch anything on in the house. One of our neighbour's television already blew. Oh dear.

That got me worried. I have not experienced a power surge before and I soon found out that it could cost us thousands of ringgit in appliance damages.

The florescent lights in my house that weren't working before were flickering. It was really weird. We quickly turned off the mains and unplugged devices especially our computer and television.

It was well past midnight by then. My hubby managed to fall asleep in the heat. I was too worried thinking about the damages to sleep and it was too warm to sleep anyway.

Finally, after several rounds of checking the activity outside through my bedroom window, I saw the electrician with a neighbour walking and talking loudly. I got out of the house and saw lights on at my neighbour's.

We got the mains back on and quickly checked all the appliances. My prayers were answered. All of our appliances are still working, though one of them seem to be behaving unusually.

I was relieved but I still couldn't sleep since I was all wound up. I am thankful nonetheless.



  1. Glad things worked out Pearlie. We have surge protectors on all of our expensive electronics (except our refrigerator) but often wonder if they would help if we had a major surge. For about $5-10/month the power company will put a protector at our meter and keep surges from entering our place.

  2. I did ask my hubby about it and he said he will explain to me why surge protectors don't work :/
    He has yet to tell me. Will let you in when he does.

  3. He said first the earthing has to be good but even if that is the case, we will not be entirely sure if it works and as such, it may not be worth it spending so much. If it happens rarely, then we are paying too much. If it happens frequently, the protectors will deteriorate as it goes with each strike and finally, it will finally give way and devices will still be destroyed.
    Well, I don't know...he's the man of the house. So I let him decide :)