Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beautiful Hymns

I took time today to prepare for the worship session that I will be leading this Saturday. We will not have enough time to practice due lack of access to the hall, what with it being the Holy Communion Sunday and thus will have more songs to do.

I decided to go simple and use more hymns than I usually do. I've decided on these:

1. For the passing and partaking of bread: Break Now the Bread of Life

2. Wine: There is a Fountain Filled with Blood

3. Offertory: This is my Father's World

4. Song of Response chosen by the speaker: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

I also found this interesting article that said this quite well:
I’ve heard it all before: “We need to be more contemporary, and not keep using those old-fashioned hymns….The young people don’t understand them…We need to be more up-to-date” (etc. etc.). C. S. Lewis called this dismissal of the traditional, and the tried-and-true “chronological snobbery”!

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