Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Hi, I'm Pear梨

I have a new way in writing my name. Though my name is from "pearl" and not "pear", I think it is rather amusing that I can write it as:

梨 or li2 is pear in Mandarin.

And in Cantonese, my name would be "pear" and not "pearl", since the loan word 啤梨 is pronounced as pear lei.

By the way, before you actually call me 啤梨, my Chinese name is 仉儿 (pei4 er2).



  1. Some information with no use, my name is of a name meaning pearl.

  2. Really???!!! I tried googling for it but could not find anything. From which language does your name come from?
    We are sisters then!! LOL