Thursday, July 23, 2015

No more baths for me

How so peaceful this picture looks, dipping in a bath is definitely not for me.

I decided to have a herbal bath yesterday at the spa. I was told that it would take half an hour. I wondered how I will survive doing nothing for so long. It turned out that I got scrubbed with a herbal sachet for about twenty minutes and was left alone for a dip for ten.

It was the longest ten minutes in my life. I could not nap. The angle of the tub did not allow it. And how can one nap in water? With nothing to do, no book to read or my smartphone to keep my mind busy, I felt so confined. I can imagine how isolation can be used as an effective torture method.

It will be the last herbal bath I'll ever take.

Photo Source: Herbal Bath

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