Monday, July 27, 2015

Stocking up on gold and silver?

My hubby and I had dinner with someone we haven't met for a long time. Whilst the catching up was good, the conversation was skewed towards the end times and doomsday theories. They told and warned us of the imminent market collapse on 28th September, and that silver and gold is cheap now and we should invest and stock them up to prepare for it.

This is not the first time I'm being advised to stock up on gold and silver. But I was not convinced then and I'm still not, though I have become fearful with a "what-if" and "should I".

Well, I may be wrong and they may turn out to be right, what with my recent study on the prophecies in the book of Daniel, my devotion on Revelation and the recent political upheavals in my country.

But I found this article to be quite true: "Six Wrong Ways to Face the End Times (& One Right)". It has convinced me that stocking up for self-sufficiency is not the right way. In the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, God has warned us to return to him, to be righteous, humble and faithful.

And this article on "Why stock market crashes happen in the autumn" is really interesting, in response to the warning of the supposedly coming market collapse on 28 Sept.

It says, "over and over again, in years such as 1929, 1987 and 2008, markets crash in the autumn" and so even if it did crash in Sept, it may not be too surprising.

Well, this world is a fallen one, totally imperfect. I look in hope to the day when I see for myself the new heaven and new earth.


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