Thursday, July 09, 2015

Such a disappointment of a book

I do have a few books I'm now reading but I was browsing through my stash of books when I saw this:

Imagine: How Creativity Works
by Jonah Lehrer

The blurbs were impressive and I'm recently curious about creativity, innovation and ideation, and so I started on it. It was really interesting especially when he started out with a reference to Bob Dylan on his song composition and the iconic song Like a Rolling Stone.

I was well into the third chapter on the book when I went over to to log it in my "Currently Reading" list when I saw this posted in the page: "This book has been withdrawn from publication (July 2012) by its publisher due to falsified quotations and factual inaccuracies."

What? I felt disappointed. What a stupid thing to do, but sometimes we are totally blinded by sin.

He admitted to it when confronted, and with that he resigned from the New Yorker.


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