Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What shall I do tomorrow?

It's my birthday tomorrow and I am taking the day off. In planning what to do, I googled for "what should I do alone on my birthday" in those exact words.

And the first link I tap on was this and it gave me a great idea: Celebrating Your Birthday Alone? 15 Things to Do.

This was the list (and my comments in parentheses):

1. Just relax, try and celebrate yourself by reflecting on the years that God has given you. Spend this day journaling, meditating and looking forward to the years ahead. (I kinda do this everyday.)

2. Spend the entire day at a spa! Get a full body massage, facial and body scrub! Get the works and celebrate yourself. (Excellent! Without looking further on the list, this is exactly what I'll do. I haven't gone to a spa in ages.)

3. Go on a vacation and take advantage of “me” time, meditate on the beach, buy yourself a drink and enjoy your own company. (Need more planning and time. Will do this in the next few years.)

4. Buy yourself a bottle of champagne and have a celebration of life! (Not my thing.)

5. Purchase tickets to the play that you always wanted to see. And grab a front row seat! Enjoy yourself. (No plays here. Wish there were.)

6. What would you like? Buy yourself a present. Yes and wrap it too. (Nah, I buy what I need when I need it. No need to wait till my birthday.)

7. Buy a ticket to see your favorite artist play, live! (See #5.)

8. Go shopping! (Err...I work in a shopping complex. So, nope.)

9. Celebrate yourself by hiring a photographer to have a picture perfect photoshoot! (Are you kidding? Not photogenic enough.)

10. Rent your favorite movie, most rental houses give you a free rental on your birthday! (Been watching too much movies and TV.)

11. Get excited to cook for yourself! Try out a new recipe and make a nice meal. (Me cook?)

12. For the bookworms, spend the day diving into the book you promised you would finish but never had the time. (This list is definitely not written by a bookworm. A bookworm reads everyday!!!)

13. Yes, you deserve a day off. If you can, call out on your birthday and relax. Have breakfast in bed and spend the day how you would like. (Yup, this is what I'm going to do exactly, though not the breakfast in bed part.)

14. Giving back feels good, spend the day donating your time and volunteering. (Good idea.)

15. When is the last time you’ve been to a museum? Spend the day exploring art. (Don't think there are any good museums here.)

So? I'd be looking for a spa to go.


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