Monday, August 03, 2015

All bluff I think

I had wanted to blog about impending death, with the growing number of people around me suffering from cancer, which scares me. I wanted to think about what I will do if I had only several months to live.

I then found this very interesting article, which seem to be trending as we speak: When I'm Gone.

It's a very poignant story about a man whose father died very young from cancer. Before the father died, he had written him letters to be opened at specific events, for example When You Had Your Worst Fight With Your Mom or When You Have Your First Kiss, etc.

But as I read along, I began to think that it is all made up. Then came this sentence at the end of the article, for When Your Time Comes, i.e. for when the son is himself on his death bed.

The father wrote, "You know, this letter was the easiest to write, and the first I wrote."

The question is how would he know that this was the easiest letter to write when he hasn't even written the other letters yet?


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