Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I am in an introverted phase

I am a learner. But I find myself presently uninterested in attending seminars or classes, even though the topics are very interesting to me. I thought about it and concluded that this must be the phase of my life where I am more introverted than extroverted.

According to the personality type theory, every person, whether an extrovert or an introvert, will have their more introverted and extroverted phases interchangeably. As much as I am an introvert, I can extrovert when required. Just that, for now I feel that I prefer to spend my time mainly in more introverted activities.

So in terms of attending classes, I am currently more attracted to online learning rather than actually attending them physically. I used to hate online learning, maybe because of the compulsory sessions that I needed to do then. But with the many MOOC programmes available online, this is the perfect time to look for programmes that interest me and spend my introverted time in them. When I was introduced to MOOC programmes two years ago, it did not catch on to me like it does now. I feel that I was in my more extroverted phase then.

I have signed up for Fundamentals in Project Planning and Management with Coursera.org, and just after the first week, I am learning so much from it, and wanting more.

Having said that though, I have signed up for a symposium in the next few days. Not that I wanted to, I was required to.

I am looking forward to the learning, but just thinking about the hoard of people there, I am feeling tired already.



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