Mean Doctors

I have had my share of mean doctors, and I encountered another one today. He was downright rude and overbearing. He spoke to me and asked me questions like I'm inferior and deserved his rebukes and reprimands.

He even asked me if I exercised regularly expecting me to answer in the negative so he can chide me further. He was surprised when I answered yes, that I do exercise regularly. I knew that because he further challenged me, asking me in disbelief what exercise do I actually do.

Argh, it makes me angry thinking about it. I'm thankful he is not a doctor I need to go back to. Good riddance.

This reminds me of a doctor I've met when I fell sick when I was once in Ipoh. He was so nice, courteous and kind. He spent almost twenty minutes attending to me, making sure I was okay, and answering my questions. I remember thinking to myself, why can't we have more doctors like him.



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