Simple stuff on a simple Saturday

It has been a long time since I've been to the mall with my son, what with his additional classes every Saturday to get him prepared for the year-end public examinations. But we took the time to go to mall after his classes today and had some good quality time together.

One thing which I find quite odd is this: I can never find a comb anywhere. My son wanted one. We did not find any. And this was not the first mall where we looked for one. Can't find it in the pharmacy, or in the grocery store, or in the personal care department in the departmental store. So where in the world can I find one to buy?

But I manage to get some of my favourite stuff.

This tea is the most aromatic I have ever had. Some one once commented that it's like I've opened a bag of potpourri. But it is sad that I could not smell it anymore. It's odd right? I might have what they call olfactory blindness but that's another story for another day.

And this tea infusion is my favourite. It's the sugarless tangy fruity taste that I crave.

I finally finished using the hand cream I have in my office. It's suppose to be a solution for the driest hand, but it literally smelled the worst. I'm glad I've used it all up. And so I am happy to get a bottle of this. It's time I smell rosy? rose-y?

Yeah, a simple day with some simple stuff that makes me happy.



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