The evolution and the culture of the car horn

I got honked at this morning in my commute to work. It was a honk of displeasure and discontent. I wasn't in the wrong. I was in the right of way but just because I got in the way of the other car, I got honked.

I hate it when that happens. It's rude. And the fact that it's anonymous irks me. But it got me into thinking this morning.

I have been to Vietnam and India where car honking is a norm. The reason why they honk though is different. They honk to let you know they are coming. They also honk so you will move faster.

But in Malaysia, it's them cursing you. And from my search in the Internet, it's the same case in a lot of countries.

Gone were the days where it is used to warn other vehicles of any impending danger. Would it be a good idea then to do away with it since it's no longer used for its original purpose.



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