Monday, August 24, 2015

TV vs. Books

I have been watching too much TV lately and have not been reading at all, which is bad. It is just that I can't seem to get myself into a book. And I find it harder and harder to find my next read.

I have been watching Bones, Haven, Criminal Minds and Orange is the New Black. Oh dear...

I blogged before about watching TV versus reading and asked if reading were a waste of time. That was when I felt I was actually reading too much. I decided then that both is good, if done moderately.

But now? I am getting too much TV and I need to get back to reading.

But the challenge is first to get my next read. I have not found a good tool for that yet. I don't go to the bookstore that often anymore, if at all. So book browsing is out. I use sites like Amazon, Kobobooks and especially Goodreads to recommend me books. It is hard if not impossible to book browse in a website.

Sites like, are just ok. is interesting as it recommends books to you based in your preference and mood.

If you have another other good tools or ways to find your next read, do let me know.



  1. Enlisting the help of algorithms (Goodreads, Amazon) does help, which is the very thing you'd been doing. What about the help from people (pastors, bookworm friends, Goodreads friends) and while you're at it, you can have a productive conversation (two birds, one stone)?

    E.g., book recs from Tim Challies:

    Hope this broadens your reading. :)

  2. Getting recommendation from people - I do but not very often and only from one friend, whom I suppose have kind of the same book preferences, at least in the Christian theology genre. Other than that, I'm pretty much on my own.
    Thanks for the link. I do go there for specific searches but never knew he has a page dedicated to it. I've saved it. Thx!