Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Office Politics

Secrets to Winning at Office Politics: How to Achieve Your Goals and Increase Your Influence at Work
by Marie G. McIntyre

I bought and read this book back in 2014. I was searching for something in Google today when I found an article referring to its content and realised I could not remember a single from what I've read.

I need to read it again.
Politics Is Not a Dirty Word

Typically, we use the term “playing politics” only to describe our colleagues’ behavior—never our own. They are sucking up, scheming, and manipulating, but we are building relationships, developing strategies, and opening communication channels.

Many people feel that playing the political game involves devious plotting or blatant self-promotion. But in reality, “politics” is what naturally happens whenever people with different goals, interests, and personalities try to work together. We are all continuously engaged in political transactions throughout the normal course of every workday. The process itself is neither good nor bad, but simply a fact of life—and the morality of the outcome is determined entirely by the motives and goals of the players. Both Hitler and Mother Teresa might be considered “politically adept,” but their results are judged rather differently.
Interesting. That's from the first chapter. I hope I will learn and remember something useful this round.


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