We are in difficult times, but...

The economic situation here in Malaysia is getting bad, what with the dropping value of our exchange rate. I fear to think what will be the new base rate of the Ringgit. It used to be RM2.50 to the dollar, then it was pegged to RM3.80. But now it is around RM4.30 and will it be even rising up to RM5.00?

With this, I found this article to help us keep it all in perspective: In God We Trust? Five Biblical Lessons for Believers During an Economic Recession, by Brett McCracken.

Yea, we are in difficult times, but God is still God.



  1. Good thoughts Pearlie. I have heard it said that trust is really not trust until hard times comes.

  2. Yes, and that's how we learn to depend on him and him alone. Thanks for your thoughts!


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