Thursday, October 22, 2015

Asking for signs from God

Do you ask for signs from God in larger decisions that you make? I do and God is gracious to give me signs but not all the time. I get into what Dallas Willard would call a conversational relationship with God, and I will hear him in a quiet inward voice.

But sometimes I fear that I should not seeking for signs but to fully trust in him, particularly when I falter in my faith in him and keep asking for sign after sign on the same matter.

So what I did this morning was to commit my weakness to God. And on top of that I started to Google for articles on asking for signs from God. True enough, there is this article with the title, "Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Pray for a Sign".

However, there is this one article that actually teaches you to flip a coin to find answers from God. I was aghast but at the same time curious as well, and so I thought I'd play along just for fun. It begins with the first step of flipping a coin and if you get two heads consecutively, you can go ahead and flip it again for an answer. But if you get two tails or one of either, God is not allowing you flip a count for a sign.

So I tried the first step, and what did I get?

Two tails. Case closed.

If you are interested to check out Dallas Willard's book, it's Hearing God, Developing Conversational Relationship.


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