Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Don Moen's Concert and a Car Accident

I was invited by my friend to attend Don Moen's concert today. It was ok. I must say the songs are a bit old for me though I do have a couple of favoritea, which are God is Good All the Time and I Just Want to be Where You are.

But I wasn't really in the right mind because in going to this concert, I asked my mom to help me drive my son to his tuition class but my mom got into an accident on the way there. I am thankful they are safe. It's the car was badly battered.

I feel sorta guilty but then she is literally an accident about to happen. I have been warning her about the reckless way she drives. So I think it's a good thing it happened without anyone being hurt. I do hope she learnt her lesson.



  1. Glad everyone came out safe Pearlie.

    My favorite Don Moen song is "Give Thanks".

    I do wonder how his voice is holding out though.

  2. There was a time when I sang that song so many times I stopped using it for a while, but it back in my charts for now.

    His voice is still holding up well for his songs ;)